THE DUBAI | 2008-2014

In Caspar David Friedrich´s "Frau vor untergehender Sonne" ("Woman before the Setting Sun"), a young woman is depicted facing the setting sun, wich turns her almost completely, but not entirely, into a silhouette. Her arms are sightly raised, in awe of the grandeur of the moment, as the sunrise illuminates the sublime landscape before her.

A contemporary equivalent of such a Romantic moment is provided by plate 61 of Tor Seidel´s photography book The Dubai (Hatje Cantz 2014). Like Friedrich´s painting, the photograph shows a woman contemplating what is in front of her, her back facing the viewer, though, in the almost 200 years that separate Friedrich and Seidel, many things have changed.

The photographs in The Dubai fit into the contemporary tradition laid out by the likes of Andreas Gursky, Peter Bialobrzeski, or Robert Polidori.

Jörg Colberg

Hatje Cantz Publisher 2014