THE DUBAI | 2008-2014

The Dubai does not appear to be serving as an indictment of the culture it depicts. Its goal is not as lofty as that of the Romantics. Rather, it seems to be a celebration of affluence. Call this Capitalist Realism, contemporary capitalism’s equivalent of Socialist Realism. These days, it is photographers, not painters or sculptors, who are at the forefront of Capitalist Realism. They can do what needs to be done, show what needs to be shown, in a much more convincing, much more awe-inspiring way.

Jörg Colberg

Book at Hatje Cantz Publisher 2014

Mega Billboard, Street 63, 2013, Ed.5

Billboard, 2008, Ed.5

Modell of Dubailand, 2011, Ed.5

The Pool, 2014, Ed.5

Business Bay, 2014, Ed.5

Dubai Mall, The Aquarium, 2010, Ed.5

The Palm Island Jebel Ali, 2009, Ed.8

Flight, 2011, Ed.5

Interchange Nr.1, 2013, Ed.5

The View, 2014, Ed.5

Ski Dubai, The Mall of the Emirates, 2014, Ed.5

The World Islands, 2009, Ed.8

The Villa, 2014, Ed.5

The Palm Jebel Ali, 2013, Ed.5

Burj Dubai, 2009, Ed.8