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In a few weeks we will be able to present portfolios of current and previous works of Tor Seidel.

If you are interested to receive a pdf of a designated work, please send a request: click.

Following portfolios will be presented soon:

Commission Photography

Al Noor Island Sharjah 2016 (UAE) (website:

Mosque Nad al Sheba Dubai 2015 (UAE) (website:

Al Jahili Fort Al Ain Abu Dhabi 2009 (UAE) (website:

Fine-Art Photography

Mannequins (2015-2017): already presented

This is what is not (2017)

Versus Image I (2017)

Tainted Love (2006-2017)

Homeland (2015-2017)

Europe, World wont listen (2016)

The Dubai (2008-2014): already presented

Active Rooms (2010-13) already presented

Schmerz der Archivare (2011-13) already presented

Fabrica (2010-13)

ID (2003)

X-Ray-Portrait (2003-2006) already presented

Beijng Rules (2006)

Tiergarten (1997-2000)

Kastanienalle (1996-98)

Blühende Landschaften (1990-1995)

Russian Summer (1995)

Anstalt (1996)

Ochs und Esel (1987-1989)